The Weapons ID Database


In July 2006, the Small Arms Survey launched a set of cards to aid in the visual identification of a selection of firearms commonly used in contemporary armed conflict and crime. Accurate reporting on small arms and light weapons is essential for research, analysis, and, ultimately, policy-making aimed at curbing their illicit proliferation. These cards have been requested by peacekeepers and researchers in countries as diverse as Afghanistan and Uganda.


Due to growing demand for small arms identification resources, the Survey has completely re-designed its existing cards into a comprehensive visual identification system. This searchable database was developed with the support of the Royal Armouries UK, and features downloadable Weapons ID Sheets, which detail the visual information required to accurately identify and record particular types of weapons. With well over 30 varieties and copies of the original Kalashnikov assault rifle alone, this database is an invaluable tool for any practitioners working in the field of small arms.


Search visually by selecting a generic type of weapon, such as assault rifle or pistol, from the menu bar on the right of this page. Alternatively, enter the name of a weapon, or its identifying features (such as calibre, curved or straight magazine, colour of stocks, or country of origin), into the search field. Each search will retrieve one or more Weapons ID Sheets, which compare visual features of the weapon with those of similar models.