Weapons ID Portal

Understanding small arms proliferation requires information on the types of weapons and ammunition circulating on the world's illicit markets. Researchers, journalists, peacekeepers, advocacy organizations, and policy-makers can all benefit from being able to identify and trace the origin of arms and ammunition.


The Small Arms Survey has created this Weapons ID portal to host two identification systems, each of which is designed to enhance reporting on small arms, light weapons, and ammunition. These systems are:

1. Ammunition Tracing

2. Weapons ID Database

Ammunition Tracing Kit Weapons ID Database
A field guide and reporting system for generating information on the global distribution of small calibre ammunition.     A searchable database containing downloadable Weapons ID Sheets for some of the most common small arms and light weapons.

Each system is designed to be used by people who regularly come into contact with small arms, light weapons, and ammunition. Interested parties should read the important safety information on all Small Arms Survey ID documentation before conducting research into arms and ammunition.

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